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Special Stage tickets are sold during the event at each stage.

SS Ticket: 10 €
SSS 1 Ticket: 15 €
Rally pass and -packages: 25 €

Digital spectator application ”Pirelli Ralli 2016″ can be downloaded free from AppStore and GooglePlay. 

You are very welcome to spectate best event (2013 & 2014) of the Finnish Rally Championship. Our route will include former legendary special stages of the 1000 Lakes Rally and Neste Rally Finland. WRC Rally Finland has been visited Tampere region last time early 2000, at 1990 century Tampere region rally loop was very popular and longest day of the rally.

Pirelli Rally´s and it´s predecessor (Castrol Rally 2013) routes has used several former 1000 Lakes Rally stages, legendary names as

has be part of this rally years 2013 and 2014.

You can buy tickets to every SS on site, tickets will be sold on access road´s to the stages. Also You can buy rally pass and – packages, rally pass will allow You to every special stage and package includes also rally magazine (finnish language) and route map.